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So ahead of its time was Salem.
We compained about the 2 party system before it was cool.

Anyway! Still hard at work on the game! I'm going to show a little artwork here. On top of a larger script, bigger levels, and a more diverse enemy range, the LANTERN is also getting upgraded! New pentagrams are going to be added, as well as information gained by using it to reveal secret codes and messages!


Salem HD Game Update

2016-10-24 09:41:36 by OdellAtkinson

Hello, plebians!

It's me, Zipp. I'm coming to you today to inform you that Salem is getting a remake... You heard me right. We're far from finished, but we're bringing you a perfected game worthy of your computer viewer-mobiles.

The original script which ran 25 pages is now over 50 pages, and is nearly finalized. So you can expect a great deal more story, gameplay, level LENGTH, bosses, puzzles, and just about everything you can think of.


and Anselm says more than "Hmph," after every sentence! --you can send your thank you letters to Satan. He really helped us out on that one.

So if you'd like to hear more announcements in the future, be sure to follow OdellAtkinson here for more details as they become announced!


In the Arms of the Randy Newman

2016-02-29 17:56:54 by OdellAtkinson

Been a while since I posted to newgrounds. Mostly cause I don't want to take up the News Feed with unrelated Newgrounds things, out of respect to TomFulp.

BUT WAIT!! Don't go! I made a funny video. Don't believe me? Watch it to find out. And be sure to stay until after the credits.



Well, it's still Monday on the Pacific coast!! 5 minutes until.


Here's the latest episode of Magic Monday! This week I review Brave. And it's a doozey....

Hey NGers!

I just finished posting the first episode of my new series Monday Magic, where I discuss Disney and film pop-culture!


Have a look. Stay for the end of the video where you learn how to win a prize. Tell me what you think. Subscribe. And kiss me hard on the mouth.

New Voice Acting Demo!

2015-09-16 02:53:22 by OdellAtkinson

Well, I finally finished up a new damn demo! Took me long enough. It contains some of my old demo tracks that had the shit and dust polished off, and some new stuff from workshops and things!

Next step: Getting a fucking agent.


Have a listen and definitely let me know how you feel about it.

A Voice Actor Plays

2014-10-17 01:46:35 by OdellAtkinson

Hey everyone just a fun lil' update. Did a Let's Play with a buddy for Salem as a sort of anniversary dealio, as Zipp. It was a good deal of fun. Watch it. It's mandatory and government enforced.


Come take a look at the intro video to Video Dames! A Let's Play between a bunch of vagina ladened persons! This is just a preliminary video of our Let's Play series COMING SOON!/IN THE MAKING!

Voice Acting this week

2014-07-14 03:51:10 by OdellAtkinson

So I've moved back to Los Angeles and what a great week, had a toon release here in newgrounds, got in touch with the studio I used to record and audition for. They sounded quite glad of my return and I'm hoping to get in the saddle again real soon.

Big things on the horizon for me. I'm hoping to meet up with some of my newgrounds friends in the next week or two. I'm so excited. Hehe.

As for Home we're SNOWBALLING at this point. Programming is coming along so friggin well. Hehe. And as I continue to say, I've got other irons in the fire which I can't talk about at this point. ;)


Updates, Voice Acting, and other Jizzy Jazz

2014-06-09 08:38:39 by OdellAtkinson

Well, it's been some time since my last post.
I've got a few things in the irons on the side of voice acting. There will be more to follow probably in the next few weeks concerning that. I know I've got one thing that should be nearing done that I worked on with Impkid. Just like everything else of his it looks astoundingly good.

And a few other things I'm not allowed to talk about. You know how it be, all hush hush n' shite.

As for the game development goes for Home (for those of you that care/know/that give a wet dribble). We're getting back to a good stage of prototyping, after we rebooted the gameplay from scratch. It's been a process but we're getting to a great point again where we can slowly start showing some progress.

I'll even show one of my little conceptual art doodles on the side.


For those of you that don't know what this game is, it's a fun platformer not unlike Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, with a splash of Mega Man. It'll feature the voice talents of Kyle Hebert, the voice of Ryu (Street Fighter), and Gohan (Dragon Ball Z), and  Jon Bailey of Honest Trailers fame, as well as XCOM: Enemy Unkown. And Abby Collins, understudy to Rob Paulsen, and some big things which she can't list cause of non-disclosure agreements. Fun!

So there's my quick 3 minute rant. I promise I, and my team are working tirelessly to bring you some fine entertainment.

And shortly I'll be launching a big personal venture to bring to the world and to the newgrounds audience. Patience pays off, guys. Much love and moistness,


P.S. I am currently available for voice work. Shoot me a PM! I'd love to get some fun stuff under my belt currently.

Available for Voice Acting

2013-12-18 22:10:36 by OdellAtkinson

Well I haven't advertised myself in some time so here goes. I am available for voice acting for your projects! Here is a list of some of my credits here:


http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/615848 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCDrV00Nrl0 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/603851 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/627229 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/629526