2012-10-08 00:36:24 by OdellAtkinson

So Salem's been getting great reviews! Which is pretty bad ass. I'm already in the works for 2 other projects, names I'll release when it's more solidified. But you'll be seeing much more of me in the near future.

In the meantime I will be recording a full walkthrough of Salem which will be linked in the pause menu of the game, or so it's been discussed. So be on the look out for that ladies and gentlemen. n_n

Edit: Here's the walkthrough!


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2012-10-08 01:50:51

Sweet! Congrats on the great reviews! :D

OdellAtkinson responds:

Why thank you very much 1 out of 6 women on newgrounds. n_n


2012-10-08 08:22:12

A walkthrough for Salem? Okay great! I've hooked on the game since yesterday, and I thought it was a pity there wasn't a walkthrough. Such a pity even, I've started making a walkthrough myself. I had written out the controls, how to get the medals, level T, level 1, and bits and pieces of the rest. But I guess this means I can stop now... Bit of a waste actually. Anyway great job on the voice acting, and good luck with the walkthrough and your other projects.

OdellAtkinson responds:

Yeah, too many people who can't figure out to hold a button for a bit longer than they need to, and then rating 0. Ugh. So we're counteracting that with idiot proofing and SHOWING them how to play. Heh.


2012-10-08 19:42:17

You sounded quite enthralled
voice acting for Zip! Supreme voice acting skills, my good man!
I hope to hear those skills much more in the future!

OdellAtkinson responds:

Why thank you very much, my good man.


2012-10-08 20:10:31

very annoying when people vote 0 because they can't figure out the controls, when they can't load the game, or when their computer is too slow for it. Don't they know how much work the creators put into it? However explaining the controls beforehand could actually be helpful. I could figure out the controls by myself, but I'm still 2 medals short. Will medals be in the walkthrough as well?


2012-10-09 11:33:09

Saw your walkthrough. I liked it very much. Nice humour and very accurate. The sound is only on the left. Too bad you don't explain how to get all of the medals. I've decided to upload my written walkthrough after all, since it focuses a bit more on how to get the medals. It's on my news page. I've put in a link to your official walkthrough as well.
ps I know Zippelnum went to drama school. Another mystery about past revealed :p

OdellAtkinson responds:

I know one of the more 'secret' of the secret medal is spending 5 minutes in a non-boss level. I dunno which one you're having a problem with though.


2012-10-10 04:08:24

Now I have all of them, so my walkthrough is complete. I'll have to get it in a better looking format. Spening 5 minutes in a non-boss level was indeed one of the two I didn't have. The other one was failing 3 times at the tutorial. Thanks.

(Updated ) OdellAtkinson responds:

Aha. Essentially, hearing every bit of dialogue in the game was the essence of the achievement. :p
Didn't I mention that one in the walkthrough?


2012-10-10 11:31:48

I absolutely loved your voice in Salem, i hope to hear it once again if there is to be a sequel.

Keep up the good work, sincerely - Eddie.

OdellAtkinson responds:

Don't forget to become fans of everyone involved so we can update you, as information comes forward about a potential release. ;)


2012-10-10 18:41:17

Yes true haha. You won't get all of the medals until you've heard every single line of dialogue in the game. I heard some people who defeated the last boss didn't get the medal for completing the game, because they didn't wait until after the credits. Which is a good thing, because nobody should miss the stinger. You did mention you get a medal if you succeed the tutorial in one go (I got that one the first time around though), but I'm pretty sure you didn't say anything about failing 3 times. Just one thing. I don't remember exactly how I got the "The Demons Once Were..." medal. In the Spiral Library there are hidden messages on the wall that can be revealed by using the lantern. Is that what you had to do? Btw I've added you as favourite, because I don't want to miss any news regarding the sequel. And because you did a great job of course.

OdellAtkinson responds:

You're my 69th fan.
No homo.


2012-10-10 20:52:52

Yes I saw! 69 is my favourite number!
Peking duck with sweet and sour sauce...