Console Game & Captain Falcon

2013-03-01 14:58:48 by OdellAtkinson

I have a LOT of things happening right now. I'm recording for a console game, because of NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) I can't say what, but I am playing a Shee-yut load of characters in it. I am currently directing another game with Mar-ble Team, the team who made our last successful game, Salem. And it features some of the best voice actors money can buy, or favors can call in. Hehe. I'll reveal members of the cast as we get closer to release, and drop little gems here and there.

I'm currently in the works of a fantastic animation with Dieseling based on Captain Falcon. I PLAY Captain Falcon in this and it will feature Ricepirate, cause... why wouldn't it? I did all my own stunts for this toon too.

Along with that I should have things coming out with MangaFood in the very near future. And on top of that I'm supposed to be working on a potential TV pitch to Nickelodeon, but that's more or less in discussions right now. But, I am this.

Keep in touch you'll be hearing a lot from me from here on out, ladies and gentlemen.

Also, check out my youtube now. I'll be releasing more Behind the Scenes material for my next video game release.


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2013-03-04 18:48:01

So cool O:

OdellAtkinson responds:

I know. Life is good. n_n


2013-03-16 19:26:50

Ode, you sure know how to Newgrounds! You be Newgroundsin' all up in this place.


2013-03-17 17:50:12

So in short, You have a lot things happening in your schedule. Good Luck and have at it my friend.

OdellAtkinson responds:

well, if you want to make it sound not as cool, yes. Yes I am just really busy. Heh.


2013-03-18 17:34:31

Sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that.

OdellAtkinson responds:

I know, I know. n_n I was "riffing" with you, as the young peoples say.