Voice Acting Abound

2013-04-11 14:37:15 by OdellAtkinson

Progress comes smoothly as of now for the development of Home. We're about 1.3/4 complete as far as level design goes and growing. And I'm here to reveal my next voice actor in the list: Abby Collins, daughter of legendary Chris Latta, the voice of Gen 1 Decepticon Starscream, and the orginal Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe, is playing the character of Spindle, the Jungle Element.


And don't forget to watch Kyle Hebert, of Dragon Ball Z and Naruto fame as he records as Kindle, the Fire Element.


Give it a listen, a watch, and enjoy.

Other than that I've got a toon very near completion with Dieseling that will be coming out in the next week or two which is going to be very funny. And another project with Emrox that should be coming out... if I had to guess I'd say in the same amount of time also.

And there's a likely chance I'll be working on an Xbox Indie Arcade game. Has anyone played any of the games from Baller Industries? I think their games kinda... suck. But payday is payday. :/ I think I worked on this one. I can't remember though, it's been so long. I believe I played Saddam Hussein in one of their games.

ANYHOO! Drop me a line if you're in need of some voice acting. I'm readily available my friends.


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2013-04-11 15:11:22

Can't wait, this is going to be awesome!


2013-04-11 19:23:08

im in need for some voice act (well not necessary)


2013-04-11 20:55:58

i would like to help if you need me

(Updated ) OdellAtkinson responds:

I'm not looking for voice actors.


2013-04-12 10:31:18

Going good!


2013-04-12 12:37:11

Damn. With all the talent you can get, how am I ever supposed to get a role for Andover? Well, I'd better crank up my reputation a bit. At least it's good to know Andover and HOME will have some awesome acting. I'm really looking forward to those games. On an aside note: I'm currently working on several game projects as well. One of which is starting to look really promising. It's for someone's college end project. He has to program and animate a game all by himself. However, I'm backing him up in terms of script writing, voice acting, sound design concept art. However it's a lot of work for just the two of us, and we plan on taking it to the next level once this college project is done. We want to outsource some of the work to more and more capable people. There might be something in it for you as well if you're interested. I liked your voice acting in Salem. Are you also skilled in sound design? Sound effects and all that? Let me know if you want to know more about the project.


2013-04-21 13:29:31

It would be cool to have your voice acting skills on one of my animations.But I can't seem to seek out some ca$h for you.

OdellAtkinson responds:

Take out a loan. Debt's healthy for ya, dont'cha know! n_n


2013-04-30 23:37:29

Saw the newest video you released for Home, I can't wait man, and I wish you luck on its making...I know the recording and editing gets complicated at times.

OdellAtkinson responds:

It's not the recording or editing really as much as it is building maps. They take the longest. Placing each brick can be a bitch. Hehehe. But we are officially at the half mark for level design and once all the more minute programming is done we can focus wholly on building the levels. So it'll be sooner rather than later.