Just Took a Wicked Huge Poop, I'm Still On the Toilet as I Type This

2013-05-04 21:37:28 by OdellAtkinson


I am updating from atop my toilet. Taking a shit while I update. Cause I'm modern.

Still playing catch up on the projects.
Dieseling and I are talking about our next toon. I'll be playing a "Dracula". There's a clue.

I've involved the one and only Rice Pirate for the cartoon pitch to Nickelodeon, he'll be playing a handful of characters. Thank you Mr. Pirate.

One day. ONE DAY!! I will be doing a cartoon with TerminalMontage... Timing's just not right.

BabyCline's comics!! His style is heavily inspired by Adventure Time and some other really modern cartoons. He's new to the newgrounds scene, show him some love and some 5's. His stuff is funny as hell.

Seems I'm peddling for everyone else more than myself in this update. Hahaha

Aaaand an image from the upcoming release: Home.

Just Took a Wicked Huge Poop, I'm Still On the Toilet as I Type This


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2013-05-04 22:16:17

How the fuck can do a show on nickelodeon

(Updated ) OdellAtkinson responds:

Can do show cause networked and knows stuff good. n_n


2013-05-05 02:14:29

Damn that's funny! Poop jokes may be immature but I don't care. Keep making them.

OdellAtkinson responds:

IT WAS A BIG OLE SNAKE OF A TURD!! Actually it was pretty feeble. :/


2013-05-05 08:19:39

Rice Pirate is a very popular ng member to voice act.


2013-05-05 21:41:55

RicePirate is popular indeed. And he has great talent and skill. Awesome you get to work with him. TerminalMontage makes great animations. I like them. I liked your captain falcon animation with Diesling and RisePirate. Keep it up.


2013-05-05 23:54:23


OdellAtkinson responds:



2013-05-05 23:55:12

Haha it made a link!


2013-05-08 00:18:38

Well I see you've got plans, have fun and Good Luck!!!! :)

OdellAtkinson responds:

Hehehe thanky!!


2013-06-03 01:17:22

i like your drawing .. i was gonna fan-art sellie ...but with a women as a companion i am also a story writer animator my computer kinda sux and it makes things difficult or it could be me and not knowing how to do it properly. eny who keep up good work.;