Game In the Making

2013-07-15 17:22:44 by OdellAtkinson

So for those of you who have been following my work I am Directing a game that is being produced by Mar-ble Team. The same team who brought you Salem

The next game is called Home.

You play as three elementals who escape a living factory who is now hot on their trail as they run cross country to get home. It was originally going to be released as a puzzle game. But as development went on we just didn't feel the same way as we did at the start. It's not that it wasn't enjoyable, or good. The tedium of planning weighed heavy on all of us. So we're currently going through a huge game overhaul. It is now an action platformer in the vein of: Donkey Kong, Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog and some nuance and a touch of Metroid.
We're still in early development but we've figured out the work flow and are moving along splendidly.

In other news I am featured in a new game releasing this Fall? Winter? For the PS3 called Stick It to the Man. A few newgrounds alumni are featured in it as well. Hnilmik and Apatheria, and Sapphire I believe. >_> And forgive me if I left anybody out.

What else is going on? I've got a few things coming out here and there on newgrounds. It's up to the artists now. n_n But hey we all know how it is, balancing your passions and... everything thing else that STANDS IN THE WAY OF YOUR HAPPINESS!!

SO!! Since the dialogue for Home is in the process of being re-written here are some snippets of dialogue that have been cut. The cast remains the same: Kyle Hebert of Dragonball Z fame, Jon Bailey of a LOT of movie trailers fame, and Abby Collins of Transformers fame, and newcomer to the states Howard Ellison.

So here are the clips:
Kyle as Kindle the Fire Elemental
Abby as Spindle the Jungle Elemental
Jon as the Water Elemental
and Howard as the Narrator

So there we have it. My big update. Hehe. And the new character designs will look something like the below.
Thanks guys! Your support means everything. Buy us cocaine if you see us around. We could use the bump.

Game In the Making


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2013-07-15 18:16:35

Was looking forward to some puzzle elements. Salem had too little of them I thought, except for that one with the door and the switch, but that one was fairly simple. I'm sure it will still be great. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I'll make another walkthrough.

OdellAtkinson responds:

Andover will have maaany more puzzle-y elements to it, as far as our discussions on the matter have gone.


2013-07-15 18:19:29

awesome :D cant wait to see it! This sounds epic. Great voice casting here. Keep us updated :)


2013-07-15 18:58:35

That new game looks good, but are you planning on creating Salem 2 any time soon?

OdellAtkinson responds:

Salem 2: Andover isn't going to be in the IMMEDIATE future, but we discuss it constantly. It's going to be huuuuuge compared to the first installment.


2013-07-15 19:02:54

it better look better and have MUCH lower difficulty than salem
salem sucked arse for the difficulty

OdellAtkinson responds:

I don't negotiate with terrorists.


2013-07-15 19:58:44

I'll keep that in mind about the cocaine.

OdellAtkinson responds:

Keep it in bricks. The mind has limited space.


2013-07-15 21:57:08

You could work for kids T.V. show's

OdellAtkinson responds:

I have in the past. n_n


2013-07-16 14:38:20

This game sounds cool. But when is Salem 2 coming out? I'm still hype about that.

OdellAtkinson responds:

In the futuuuure. *echo*


2013-07-16 18:42:59

2 games to look forward to.

(Updated ) OdellAtkinson responds:

We've already semi-plotted the release for what will come out after Home as well. But no spoilers on that one just yet. And we might do something else entirely anyway. But yeah. We're always moving ahead.


2013-07-21 21:54:12

Can't wait man, and I can't get over the fact of how many people keep constantly nagging y'all about Salem 2. I guess some people just can't wait for some things. But anyway, keep up the good work.

OdellAtkinson responds:

Hey we don't mind! Just means we did something right. We just wrapped scripting another 2 levels for Home. And it's got the same type of humor as Home. So people will enjoy these characters as much as they did Zipp.